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Ask Users What They Think with a Poll

Embedding a poll on your mobile web page has long been a quick and relatively easy way to engage your users with your content, to allow them to give you feedback about what you’ve done and to spark discussions in your comments section.

Poll Everywhere takes this process to another level, allowing your users to not only vote on a question or statement you choose but also to see the results of the voting in real time, on their phones. On your mobile website, you can embed an animated bar graph that displays which response is in the lead.


The basic level of Poll Everywhere is free but restricted to only 30 users. If you find that you have more than 30 users trying to respond to your polls, you can choose from six levels of service upgrades, ranging from $15 to $1,400 per month and able to accommodate as many as 20,000 users. If you’re allowing users to submit text responses to polls, consider the Presenter level of service, which enables you to moderate comments (and remove any obscenities or spam) before they appear on your site.