Career for college students - dummies

Cheat Sheets (And not the exam kind)

The Cheat Sheets are a collection of the best advice from For Dummies on careers.


Find out everything from resume basics to bulletproofing your resume.

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Cover Letters

Get tips for writing a stand-out cover letter and what common mistakes to avoid.

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Job Interviews

Learn how to prepare for a job interview and what to do when your
nerves get the best of you.

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Success Factors

Get advice on how to create daily success habits, and how to eliminate time-wasting behaviors.

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Career Development

How to Identify Your Job Skills for
Your First Job Search

Learn how to identify your hard and soft skills and how to uncover your
hidden skills.

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Resume Mistakes for New Graduates

Ensure that you have a resume that will impress prospective employers
by avoiding these common mistakes.

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How to Craft Messages to Hiring
Managers on LinkedIn

Not getting a response from hiring managers on social media? Read
these guidelines to find out how to improve your chances.

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Getting Paid What You’re Worth: Salary

Novice interviewees will often ask the interviewer to suggest a salary. Get
advice on what to try instead.

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