Understanding the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam - dummies

Understanding the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

By Nick Graham

Part of Passing The PRINCE2 Exams For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

The PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate, then, is intended to show that the holder understands the principles and terminology of the method. The questions are fact based, not opinion based, so the ‘right’ answer will have been taken from the manual. The logistics of the exam are as follow:

  • It’s one hour in length

  • It has 75 questions, of which 70 are live, with the remaining 5 being questions that the exam board is testing. You won’t know which 5 are the experimental questions, and they won’t affect your mark in either direction; they simply don’t count.

  • Questions are all the classic style of multiple choice, usually with four options: a, b, c and d.

  • Each question has only one right answer.

  • The pass mark is 50 per cent. So of the 70 live questions you need to score 35 or more to pass.

  • The exam has no level of pass. You’ll be told your mark, but the official result is simply a pass or a fail, and there are no ‘honours’ or ‘you only just scraped it’ levels.

  • Your result can be given to you immediately by your training company, but the result is provisional. The paper will be re-marked by the exam authority for the final result.

  • There are no trick questions – allegedly. If there’s a poor question, then it may cause you a problem, but there is no deliberate intention to trip you up.