The Table of Joy on the Teacher's Skills Test Numeracy Section - dummies

The Table of Joy on the Teacher’s Skills Test Numeracy Section

By Colin Beveridge, Andrew Green

Part of Teacher’s Skills Tests For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

The Table of Joy is a handy tool for working out percentages, ratios, conversions and much else besides! Here’s an example how you can use it to convert 300 miles into kilometres, using the fact that 5 miles is roughly 8 kilometres:

  1. Draw out a big noughts and crosses style grid.

  2. Leave the top-left square blank and label the rest of the top row with the things you’re converting: in this case, miles and kilometres.

  3. Again, leaving the top-left square blank, label the rest of the leftmost column with the information you have: the conversion rate and the distance you’re converting.

  4. Put the numbers you know in the logical places: 5 in the rate/miles square, 8 in the rate/kilometres square and 300 in the distance/miles square.

  5. Now shade the grid like a chessboard. Multiply the two numbers in the same-coloured spaces, and divide by the other. Here, it’s 300 x 8 ÷ 5 = 480km.