New Question Formats on the TASC - dummies

New Question Formats on the TASC

By Stuart Donnelly

Since 2015, the TASC, or Test Assessing Secondary Completion, has begun to feature a variety of new question formats. Because the TASC is now offered as a computer-based test, there are now more options available for online questions and responses, including multiple-select response and drag-and-drop questions.

You can also find interactive demonstrations of these new formats on the TASC website.

Here are some of the new formats you can expect to see:

  • Constructed response—A constructed-response item is a short-answer question. Instead of choosing from four multiple-choice answers, you have to come up with your own answer.
  • Multiple-select response—This type of question is just like the familiar multiple-choice questions that you’re probably already used to, but with one big difference — instead of having a single correct answer, there is more than one possible answer, so you have to make sure you read the instructions carefully and select all the correct answers.
  • Evidence-based select response—You may see this format on the Language Arts–Reading test. In the first part, Part A, you read and analyze a text and then choose a conclusion from four multiple-choice options. In the second part, Part B, you choose evidence from the text to support your conclusion in Part A. The second part may be in multiple-choice format or it may be a multiple-select response.
  • Drag and drop—In this format, on the computer version of the test, you drag and drop the correct responses to complete the blanks or empty boxes in the question stem.