How the SSAT Entrance Exam Breaks Down - dummies

How the SSAT Entrance Exam Breaks Down

By Vince Kotchian, Curt Simmons

Part of SSAT & ISEE For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) explores your ability in a few distinct key areas. In fact, the SSAT focuses on only a few subjects, divided into four sections. With the exception of the Writing section, all questions on the test are multiple-choice.

Section Questions Time Limit
Writing Sample One writing prompt 25 minutes
Quantitative Two sections: 25 questions each, consisting of a mixture of
different kinds of questions in each section
30 minutes for each section
Reading Comprehension One section: 40 questions based on about 7 reading
40 minutes
Verbal One section: 30 synonym questions and 30 analogy questions 30 minutes

The SSAT has two different versions: The lower level test and the upper level test. The only difference between the two levels of the SSAT is the difficulty. The lower level test questions are tailored for students currently in grades 5 through 7, and the upper level test is tailored for students currently in grades 8 through 11. Other than that, the tests are exactly the same in terms of the types of sections, number of questions, and time limits.