GED Test Tips: Stay Focused - dummies

By Murray Shukyn, Dale E. Shuttleworth, Achim K. Krull

To succeed in taking the GED test, you need to be prepared. In addition to studying the content and skills needed for the four tests, you also want to be mentally prepared. Although you may be nervous, you can’t let your nerves get the best of you. Stay calm and take a deep breath. Here are a few pointers to help you stay focused on the task at hand:

  • Take time to relax. Passing the GED test is an important milestone in life. Make sure you leave a bit of time to relax, both while you prepare for the test and just before you take it. Relaxing has a place in preparing as long as it doesn’t become your main activity.

  • Make sure you know the rules of the room before you begin. If you have questions about using the bathroom during the test or what to do if you finish early, ask the proctor before you begin. If you don’t want to ask these questions in public, call the GED office in your area before the test day, and ask your questions over the telephone.

    For general GED questions, call 800-62-MYGED or check out the GED Testing Service website.

  • Keep your eyes on your monitor. Everybody knows not to look at other people’s work during the test, but, to be on the safe side, don’t stretch, roll your eyes, or do anything else that may be mistaken for looking at another test.

  • Stay calm. Your nerves can use up a lot of energy needed for the test. Concentrate on the job at hand. You can always be nervous or panicky some other time.

    Because taking standardized tests probably isn’t a usual situation for you, you may feel nervous. This is perfectly normal. Just try to focus on answering one question at a time, and push any other thoughts to the back of your mind. Sometimes taking a few deep breaths can clear your mind, but don’t waste time. Your main job is to pass the GED test.