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The Origins of Tolkien's Middle-earth For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-4186-5
360 pages
October 2003
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Part I: The Geography of Middle-earth.

Chapter 1: The Worlds of Middle-earth.

Chapter 2: The Lands of Middle-earth and Beyond.

Part II: The Beings of Middle-earth.

Chapter 3: The Divine Ainur.

Chapter 4: The Fair Race of Elves.

Chapter 5: The Mortal Race of Men.

Chapter 6: The Hardy Race of Dwarves.

Chapter 7: Those Homespun Hobbits.

Chapter 8: The Wily Wizards.

Chapter 9: Beorn, Tom Bombadil, and Treebeard.

Chapter 10: The Enemy and His Minions.

Part III: The History of Middle-earth.

Chapter 11: The Valarian Ages.

Chapter 12: The First Three Ages and Then Some.

Part IV: The Languages of Middle-earth.

Chapter 13: Tolkien and Language.

Chapter 14: The Tongues of Tolkien.

Part V: The Themes and Mythology of Middle-earth.

Chapter 15: The Struggle Between Good and Evil.

Chapter 16: Immortality and Death.

Chapter 17: The Heroic Quest.

Chapter 18: Chivalry and True Love.

Chapter 19: Fate and Free Will.

Chapter 20: Faith and Redemption.

Chapter 21: Ring-related Myths.

Chapter 22: Ecological Themes.

Chapter 23: Sex and Gender.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 24: Top Ten Battles in the War of the Ring.

Chapter 25: Top Ten Online Middle-earth Resources.

Chapter 26: Top Ten Ways the “Lord of the Rings” Books Differ from the Movies.