Performing a Motorcycle Pre-Ride Safety Check - dummies

Performing a Motorcycle Pre-Ride Safety Check

By Bill Kresnak

Part of Motorcycling For Dummies Cheat Sheet

To ensure a safe ride, you should examine your motorcycle every time you decide to hit the road. Doing an inspection only takes a few minutes and can point out little problems that can turn into some major ones through neglect.

Get into the routine of looking for the following things during a bike inspection:

  • Do the lights and turn signals operate properly?

  • Are the tires properly inflated and the tread good?

  • Are the wheel rims damaged? Are spokes loose or bent? If either is the case, don’t ride.

  • Do the throttle and clutch cables operate smoothly?

  • Does the bike have plenty of gas and the right amount of oil?

  • Are the sidestand and centerstand firmly held in place and operating smoothly?

  • Are the mirrors adjusted properly?

  • Is your license plate held securely in place?