Top AI Industries - dummies

By John Paul Mueller, Luca Massaron

Part of AI For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Not all industries are using artificial intelligence (AI). Some industries have a wait-and-see attitude when it comes to AI because AI still hasn’t completely proven its worth, and the owners of these industries remember the AI winters of the past. In addition, AI research focuses on specific industries because of how AI actually works. AI requires lots of data as input, relies on algorithms to process that data, and then provides an output that, with luck, matches the requirements. Some industries can’t even meet these basic requirements, and far more exist to make an AI completely usable. Here are the top AI industries by investment in AI research and use:

Investment Area Application Types Percentage
Computer-related industries Hardware, software, and IT 33.33
Communications Telecommunications, Internet, and online media 14.30
Business services Marketing, advertising, management consulting, financial services, and banking 8.48
Industrial goods Automotive, electrical manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, and semiconductors 5.72
Consumer goods Retail, consumer electronics, and entertainment 5.21
Research Online searches 3.37
Health care Hospital, health management, health insurance 2.86
Government Administration 2.04
Resource management Oil and energy 1.33