Word 2007 Mail Merge — Step 1: Creating the Main Document - dummies

Word 2007 Mail Merge — Step 1: Creating the Main Document

By Dan Gookin

To use the Word 2007 Mail Merge feature, you begin with a main document. This can be created from a new, blank document, a template, or an existing document.

  1. Create the main document.

    Write all the text. Add necessary formatting and other fancy elements. Basically, you’re just making the unchanging parts of the document now.

  2. Type the fill-in-the-blanks parts in ALL CAPS.


    The text you type in ALL CAPS will be replaced during the mail merge. These blocks of text act as placeholders for the fields to come, and also to determine which and how many fields you’ll need in a document. Try to use short, descriptive terms.

    These fill-in-the-blanks parts are officially known as fields. The document can have as many fields as it needs. In fact, any item that you want to change from letter to letter can be a field: the greeting, a banal pleasantry, gossip, whatever. Anything can be changed from document to document, but you need to specify it now.

  3. Save the main document to disk.

    You can now move on to “Word 2007 Mail Merge — Step 2: Assigning Fields.”