Word 2007 Formatting and Editing Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

Word 2007 Formatting and Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

By Dan Gookin

Part of Word 2007 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You’re working in Word 2007 and you want to take advantage of the built-in keyboard shortcuts that can help you format text and paragraphs and do some editing quickly and easily. The following sections list shortcuts aplenty that will come in plenty handy.

The kindergarten shortcuts

Remember kindergarten and cutting with your round-tipped scissors, spreading (and/or eating) paste, and making a boo-boo you wished you could undo? The following keyboard shortcuts give you the same comforts in Word 2007:

Function Keyboard Shortcut
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Undo Ctrl+Z

Text-formatting key commands

You want to jazz up your text with some bold formatting or change the font entirely. The following table tells you how to quickly get your text looking like you want it.

Function Keyboard Shortcut Function Keyboard Shortcut
Bold Ctrl+B Erase formats Ctrl+spacebar
Italic Ctrl+I Grow font Ctrl+Shift+>
Underline Ctrl+U Shrink font Ctrl+Shift+<
Double underline Ctrl+Shift+D ALL CAPS Ctrl+Shift+A
Word underline Ctrl+Shift+W Font Ctrl+Shift+F
Small caps Ctrl+Shift+K Point size Ctrl+Shift+P
Superscript Ctrl+Shift++ Font dialog box Ctrl+D
Subscript Ctrl+=

Paragraph-formatting key commands

From formatting individual words to formatting whole paragraphs, Word 2007 give you options for indenting, spacing, aligning, and more. The following table gives you the how-tos:

Function Keyboard Shortcut Function Keyboard Shortcut
Center text Ctrl+E Justify Ctrl+J
Left-align Ctrl+L Indent paragraph Ctrl+M
Right-align Ctrl+R Unindent Ctrl+Shift+M
One line spacing Ctrl+1 Hanging indent Ctrl+T
1 1/2 line spacing Ctrl+5 Unhang indent Ctrl+Shift+T
Two line spacing Ctrl+2