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Word 2007 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Word 2007 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

By Doug Lowe

Word 2007 offers all the features of previous Word releases, although keyboard shortcuts and commands may be slightly different. But the Word window looks much the same with familiar tools and features surrounding it.

The Word 2007 Window

Using Microsoft Word 2007 is pretty easy, especially if you’re already familiar with Word. If you’re not, or if you sometimes appreciate images more than words, check out the following Word window, which shows a blank document and some of the most useful features:


Keyboard Shortcuts for Word 2007

As with every Word release, Word 2007 offers a whole range of keyboard shortcuts so that you can format and edit your Word documents quickly and easily. The following table also shows the shortcuts for some commonly used commands:

Common Commands Editing Commands Formatting Commands
Command Keys Command Keys Command Keys
New Ctrl+N Undo Ctrl+Z Bold Ctrl+B
Open Ctrl+O Cut Ctrl+X Italic Ctrl+I
Save Ctrl+S Copy Ctrl+C Underline Ctrl+U
Print Ctrl+P Paste Ctrl+V Center Ctrl+E
Help F1 Select All Ctrl+A Left Align Ctrl+L
New Page Shift+Enter Find Ctrl+F Right Align Ctrl+R
Replace Ctrl+H Justify Ctrl+J
Duplicate Ctrl+D Normal Ctrl+spacebar

Translating Word 2003 Features to Word 2007

Word 2007 has just as many features as Word 2003 and maybe a few more. But if you’re used to Word 2003, you may want the help offered in the following table to convert Word 2003 commands to ones Word 2007 understands.

Word 2003 Command Equivalent Word 2007 Command Word 2003 Command Equivalent Word 2007 Command
File→New Office→New Insert→Diagram Insert tab, Illustrations group, SmartArt
File→Save Office→Save Format→Font Home tab, Font group, dialog box launcher
File→Page Setup Page Layout tab, Page Setup group Format→Paragraph Home tab, Paragraph group, dialog box launcher
Edit→Undo Quick Access toolbar, Undo Format→Styles and Formatting Home tab, Styles group, dialog box launcher
Edit→Find Home tab, Editing group, Find Tools→Spelling and Grammar Review tab, Proofing group, Spelling and Grammar
Edit→Replace Home tab, Editing group, Replace Tools→Letters and Mailings Mailings tab
View→Master→Slide Master View tab, Presentation Views group, Slide Master Tools→Templates and Add-Ins Office→Word Options, Add-Ins tab, select Templates in the
Manage drop-down list and click Go
Insert→Slide Home tab, Slides group, Add Slide Tools→Options Office→Word Options
Insert→Picture→Clip Art Insert tab, Illustrations group, Clip Art Table→Draw Table Inset tab, Tables group, Table
Insert→Picture→From File Insert tab, Illustrations group, Picture