What Is a Word 2007 Template? - dummies

What Is a Word 2007 Template?

By Dan Gookin

A Word 2007 template is a special type of Word document. Templates can contain styles, formatting, perhaps a header or footer, and even some text. They’re created just like documents but are saved to disk in a unique way. That’s because you never really use the template itself, but rather a copy. By using that copy, you can create an entirely new document; the template merely helps you get started by doing some of the routine things for you.

Document templates help to save time and prevent you from having to repeat your efforts. It’s worth your time to create a template for all the common document types you use regularly. You can use one template for sending faxes, one for writing letters, one for writing plays, and so on.


Just as all text in Word sports a specific style, all documents in Word are based upon a template, whether you choose a template to start with or not. In Word, all documents are based on the Normal document template, NORMAL.DOTM.