Using the Word 2007 Styles Pane - dummies

By Doug Lowe

The Word 2007 Styles pane displays the details on every style you have used in a document. You can open the Styles pane by clicking the More button in the lower-right corner of the Styles gallery.

You apply a style from the Styles pane the same way that you do from the Styles gallery:

  • To apply paragraph styles, you place your cursor in the paragraph or select either the entire paragraph or parts of more than one paragraph and click on the style you want to apply.

  • To apply character styles, you select the text and then click on the style you want to apply.


The Styles pane is set to show as many styles as possible. If you make it wide enough, it even shows two or more columns of styles. As part of that, the style names are shown in the same font that’s used for labels on the Ribbon. If you would rather see the styles formatted to preview the way that they format text, you can select the Show Preview option at the bottom of the Styles pane.

The icons on the right side of the Styles pane identify the type of each style: character (the “a” character), paragraph (the pilcrow or paragraph mark), or linked (with both an “a” and a pilcrow).

Hovering over a style displays a description of the style’s formatting. Right-clicking a style displays a menu, including an option to select all of the text using that style.

You can control which styles appear in the Styles pane and how the styles are sorted for both the Styles pane and the Styles gallery by using the Options link at the bottom of the Styles pane. When you click the Options link, the Style Pane Options dialog box appears.