Quick Tips for Creating a Word Document - dummies

Quick Tips for Creating a Word Document

By Faithe Wempen

Word 2013 makes it easy to create a basic document. You can either start typing in the blank document that opens automatically at startup, or choose one of the templates provided. Here are the key points this lesson covered:

  • To start a new blank document, press Ctrl+N, or choose File→New and then click Blank Document.

  • To start a document based on a template, choose File→New, pick the template you want (using the Search feature to locate it if needed), and then click Create.

  • To set page margins, click the Margins button on the Page Layout tab.

  • To change the paper size, click the Size button on the Page Layout tab.

  • Portrait and Landscape are the two page orientations. Portrait is the default. To switch, click the Orientation button on the Page Layout tab.

  • Fonts, or typefaces, are lettering styles. Choose a font from the Home tab or the Mini toolbar.

  • Font sizes are measured in points. A point is bf1/72 of an inch. Choose font sizes from the Home tab or from the Mini toolbar.

  • A style set applies a different appearance to a document including fonts, paragraph spacing, character spacing, and indentation. To change the style set, click the Design tab, click the More button, and then click the desired style set.

  • Some text attributes and effects can be applied from the Mini toolbar or the Font group on the Home tab. Others must be applied from the Font dialog box. To open the Font dialog box, click the dialog box launcher in the Font group.

  • A theme is a file that contains settings for fonts, colors, and object formatting effects. Apply a theme by clicking the Page Layout tab and then the Themes button.

  • Word checks spelling and grammar automatically, and underlines errors with red wavy underline (for spelling) or blue wavy underline (for grammar).

  • You can also launch a full spelling and grammar check by clicking the Review tab and then the Spelling & Grammar button.

  • To e-mail your document to others, choose File→Share→Email→Send As Attachment.

  • To print your document, choose File→Print.