Proofing a Whole Word 2007 Document - dummies

Proofing a Whole Word 2007 Document

By Dan Gookin

When finalizing your Word 2007 document, proof it to catch text or formatting errors. Word offers a numbers of proofing tools, including a spelling and grammar check, viewing styles, and using Print Preview.

Check spelling and grammar

  1. Click the Spelling & Grammar button (Review tab).


    The Spelling and Grammar dialog box opens and takes you to what Word 2007 sees as misspelled or a grammar error.

  2. Using the buttons of the Spelling and Grammar dialog box, review each suggestion.


    Accept or deny each suggested correction.

Review Word document styles

Starting at the document’s beginning, page/scroll down and review document styles, such as headings and bullets. With the style area pane enabled, view style names in Draft or Outline view.

  1. Click the Office button, click the Word Options button, and click the Advanced button (Word Options).


    Open the style area pane.

  2. Scroll to the Display section. Then set


    • Show Measurements in Units Of: Choose a measurement standard here, such as picas or inches.

    • Style Area Pane Width in Draft and Outline Views: Enter a number relative to the measurement unit. For example, if you chose Inches, enter .5 for one-half inch.

  3. Exit Word Options.


    In Outline or Draft view, the style area pane appears on the left.

Using Print Preview in Word 2007

Even if you don’t print your document, use Print Preview to see how your document looks from a bird’s-eye view.

  1. Click the Office button, hover your mouse over Print (don’t click), and click Print Preview.


    Open Print Preview.

  2. In the Print Preview window that opens, review the formatting. Press the Page Up and Page Down keys navigate the document.

    Exit Print Preview (click the Close Print Preview button, upper right).