Positioning a Picture in Word 2007 - dummies

Positioning a Picture in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

You can move a picture in a Word 2007 document easily: Simply use the mouse to click and drag the image wherever you want to place it.

How the graphic sits with your text — the text wrapping style — affects where and how you can move the picture. (To change the text wrapping style, select the image, go to the Arrange group on the Format tab, and use the Text Wrapping option.)

Choosing a specific position for an image

A handy way to place any graphic at a specific spot on the page is to use the Position command button, found in the Drawing Tools Format tab’s Arrange group. Clicking that button displays options for placing an image to the left, right, center, top, or bottom, or a combination of these.

Before using the Position command button, zoom out so that the page fills the screen. Then you can see how choosing different options affects the layout.

To center an in-line image (which is the default text wrapping style), put the image on a line by itself (a paragraph) and then center that line by pressing Ctrl+E.


Unlinking an image from the surrounding text

Most images stay with the text that they’re near. When you edit text, the image moves up or down on the page to be near the text it was placed in. When you want an image not to move with the text, follow these steps:

  1. Click to select the image.

    The Format tab appears on the Ribbon.

  2. From the Format tab, in the Arrange group, choose Text Wrapping→More Layout Options.

    The Advanced Layout dialog box appears.


  3. Choose the Picture Position tab, and in the Horizontal area, choose Absolute Position.

    Some of the other options might be grayed out, making them unavailable for selection.

  4. Choose Page from the To the Right Of drop-down list.

    Page is the second option in the list.

  5. In the Vertical area, choose Absolute Position.

    Some of the other options may be grayed out.

  6. Select Page from the Below drop-down list and then click OK.

    The picture is now unlinked from the text, and you can move it around freely.