Mouse Around Your Word 2007 Document - dummies

Mouse Around Your Word 2007 Document

By Dan Gookin

The Word 2007 window usually shows you only part of a document at a time, so you can use the mouse to navigate to different parts of it. Then you can point the mouse at exactly the spot in the text where you to place the insertion pointer and click the mouse button to manipulate the text in the document.

The Word vertical scroll bar

On the right side of the document area of the window is the vertical scroll bar. You use it the way you use the scroll bar in any Windows program.


The size of the elevator button reflects how much of the document you can see at a time. When the button doesn’t show up, or is dimmed, the entire document appears on-screen. Otherwise, the elevator button becomes smaller as the document grows longer.

The elevator button’s position also helps show you which part of the document is visible. When the elevator button is at the top of the scroll bar, you’re viewing pages near the beginning of the document. When the elevator button is toward the bottom of the scroll bar, you’re seeing pages near the document’s end.

You can scroll a document in several ways:

  • To scroll the document up or down one line of text at a time, click the mouse button on either the up- or down-arrow button at the top or bottom of the vertical scroll bar.

  • To scroll the document a chunk of text at a time, drag the elevator button up or down.

  • To scroll up or down one screen of text at a time, click above or below the elevator button.

Scrolling a document doesn’t move the insertion pointer!

The horizontal scroll bar in Word

The horizontal scroll bar appears just above the status bar at the bottom of the Word 2007 window — but only when the document is wider than the window. When that happens, you can click the horizontal scroll bar to shift the page back and forth, left and right.

Wheel-mouse scrolling around Word

You can also use a wheel mouse to navigate in a document:

  • Roll the wheel up or down to scroll the document up or down. (The Mouse icon in the Windows Control Panel sets the number of lines that the document scrolls per wheel click.)

  • Press and hold the wheel button to activate scrolling mode. Then you can move the mouse up or down to pan the document in that direction.

If the mouse’s wheel button also tilts from side to side, you can use it to pan left and right.