How to Use Themes in Word 2007 - dummies

How to Use Themes in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

Themes are sets of styles that were created by graphic designers to give your Word 2007 documents a unified and professional look. You can use themes to quickly and easily apply consistent colors, fonts, and graphical effects.

  • Colors: A set of colors is chosen to format the text foreground and background, any graphics or design elements in the theme, and hyperlinks.

  • Fonts: Two fonts are chosen as part of the theme — one for the heading styles and a second for the body text.

  • Graphical effects: These effects are applied to any graphics or design elements in your document. The effects can include 3D, shading, gradation, drop-shadows, and other design subtleties.

Each of these elements is organized into a theme, given a name, and placed on the Themes menu for easy application in your document.

When you work with themes, remember the following:

  • A theme doesn’t overrule styles chosen for a document. Instead, it accents those styles. The theme may add color information, choose different fonts, or present various graphical elements. Beyond that, it doesn’t change any styles applied to the text.

  • Themes work only with Word 2007 documents. To apply a theme to an older Word document, you must convert the document’s format.

  • The graphical effects of a theme are only applied to any graphics in your document; the theme doesn’t insert graphics into your text.

  • You can use the various Themes menu commands to search for even more themes.