How to Use the Word 2007 Table Tools Design Tab - dummies

How to Use the Word 2007 Table Tools Design Tab

By Dan Gookin

You can use the Table Tools Design tab to quickly format your tables in Word 2007. To display the Table Tools Design tab, you simply select the table you want to edit.


The Table Styles group in the Design tab can quickly apply formatting to any table. Choose a style, or click the menu button (located at the bottom of the Table Styles scroll bar) to see a whole smattering of styles. As you point the mouse at a table style, your table is updated to reflect the new style.

To further customize a table style, you can use the settings in the Table Style Options group, located on the left side of the Design tab. For example, you can choose an option such as Header Row to format a separate header row for the table.

The Draw Borders group contains commands and settings that let you change the appearance of border lines in your table, as well as to add and remove them.