How to Type and Edit Text in Word 2013 - dummies

How to Type and Edit Text in Word 2013

By Lois Lowe

Most Word 2013 documents don’t contain text placeholders, so you’re on your own in deciding what to type. Fortunately, you can easily type and edit text in Word.

When you type in Word, the insertion point automatically moves to the next line when you run out of room at the right margin. You don’t have to press Enter to break each line manually. The only time you need to press Enter is when you want to start a new paragraph.

You can press the Delete key to delete text to the right of the insertion point, or press the Backspace key to delete text to the left of the insertion point. To delete more than one character at once, select the block of text to delete, and then press either Delete or Backspace.

You can also select some text and then type over it. When you type after selecting text, the selected text is replaced by what you type.

  1. In Word, press Ctrl+N to start a new blank document.

  2. Type the following text in the document:

    Dear Karen:

    Florida is certainly a long way from home, and although we are enjoying our trip, we’re looking forward to being home again with our good friends.

    We’re having a wonderful time on our vacation. The weather has been perfect. Elroy and George have been collecting shells, and Judy and I have been enjoying the pool.

  3. Triple-click the last paragraph to select it.

  4. Click and drag the paragraph up, and then drop it between the other two paragraphs (right below the salutation).


  5. Double-click the name Karen in the first paragraph and type Rosie.

  6. Click to move the insertion point after the word Florida in the last paragraph. Press the Backspace key until the entire word is deleted, and then type California.

  7. Use the arrow keys to move the insertion point before shells in the second body paragraph of the letter, and then type sea.

    The document resembles the following.


  8. Save the document.