How to Stack and Group Shapes in Word 2013 - dummies

How to Stack and Group Shapes in Word 2013

By Lois Lowe

Single shapes may sometimes be useful in a document, but the real power of Word 2013’s Shapes feature can be found by combining shapes to create more complex drawings and logos.

You can stack the shapes on top of each other and control the order in which they appear in the stack. After you have a group of shapes arranged just the way you want them, you can then use the Group command to meld them together into one object that you can move and resize as a whole.

  1. In a Word 2013 document with a shape, select a shape and change the height and width to 1.75 inches each.

    In this example, a triangle was selected. You can do this by dragging its side selection handles and using the ruler to gauge the measurement, or by displaying the Drawing Tools Format tab and entering precise measurements in the Size group.

  2. Drag the shape you modified on top of other shapes in your document.

    In this example, the triangle was dragged on top of the rounded rectangle first, and then centered the vertically and horizontally over the rectangle.


  3. With the triangle selected, choose Drawing Tools Format→Send Backward to move the triangle behind the rectangle.

  4. Choose Drawing Tools Format→Bring Forward→Bring to Front.

    The triangle moves forward again, in front of the rectangle.

  5. If you have another shape, like a banner, Drag it on top of the other shapes, and then center it vertically and horizontally.

    In this example a banner was dragged on top of the triangle and rectangle. The triangle obscures the banner because the triangle is set to be the front object.

  6. With the banner selected, click Bring Forward until the banner is fully visible.


  7. Hold down the Shift key and click each of the three shapes, selecting them all; then choose Drawing Tools Format→Group Objects→Group.

    The shapes are grouped into one object.

  8. Save the changes to the document and close it.