How to Split and Join Paragraphs in Word 2010 - dummies

How to Split and Join Paragraphs in Word 2010

By Dan Gookin

A paragraph in Word 2010 is a strange thing. It’s basically a chunk of text, which Word allows you to manipulate as you see fit. Like most things that come in chunks — cheese, meat, large men named Floyd — you often need to split or combine them. (Well, maybe not for Floyd.)

Making two paragraphs from one in Word 2010

To split a single paragraph in twain, locate the point where you want them to break — say, between two sentences. Move the insertion pointer to that location and then press the Enter key. Word splits the paragraph in two; the text above the insertion pointer becomes its own paragraph, and the text following it then becomes the next paragraph.

Depending on where you placed the insertion pointer, you may need to delete an extra space at the beginning of the second paragraph or at the end of the first paragraph.

    Making one paragraph from two in Word 2010

To join two paragraphs and turn them into one, you delete the Enter character between the paragraphs. To do that, move the insertion pointer to the start of the second paragraph, and then press the Backspace key. Removing the Enter character joins two paragraphs.

Depending on how neatly the paragraphs were joined, you may need to add a space between the sentences at the spot where the paragraphs were glued together.