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How to Save as PDF or XPS in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

In Word 2007, you can save your files in the PDF or XPS format. The PDF, or Portable Document Format, pioneered by Adobe and used with its common Acrobat Reader program, is perhaps the most common complex file format around.

PDF documents are everywhere, and the Acrobat Reader is free, which makes for a killer combination. By saving your document as a PDF file, you ensure that folks all over the world can read it — complete with any formatting and graphics — just the way you want it to look.

Microsoft has also developed a file-sharing format that it calls XPS, for XML Paper Specification. Like PDF, it’s a file format that anyone can read, although it’s rather new and most likely will never be as popular as PDF.

The best way to save a document in the PDF format is to plunk down your hard-earned cash and buy the Adobe Acrobat Writer program. The Writer, unlike the Reader, is used to create PDF files. You simply print the document to the Acrobat Writer program: Press Ctrl+P and choose Acrobat Writer from the list of printers.


Your version of Word may sport PDF and XPS as file formats on the Save As dialog box’s Save As Type drop-down list. If so, great. If not, you can contact Microsoft to obtain an add-on package for Word 2007, one that includes the ability to save documents in the PDF and XPS file formats. The Web page link to use can be found in the Word help system: Search for PDF or XPS and choose the search result titled Enable Support for Other File Formats or something similar.