How to Review and Delete Comments in Word 2013 Documents

By Lois Lowe

In a short Word 2013 document, you can easily scroll through and examine the comments, especially if they’re in balloons. In a very long document, however, you may find it easier to use the Next and Previous buttons on the Review tab’s Comments group to move from one comment to another.

  1. In a Word 2013 document with revisions and comments, choose Review→Next Comment, found in the Comments group.

    Make sure you click the Next Comment button in the Comments group, not the Next Change button in the Changes group. The first comment becomes selected.


  2. Click Next Comment again.

    The next comment appears.

  3. Click Previous Comment.

    The previous comment appears.

  4. Press Ctrl+Home to return to the beginning of the document.

After you review a comment, you may want to delete it.

To choose whether to include comments when printing, choose File→Print and then click the Print All Pages button. At the bottom of the menu that appears is a Print Markup command. If this command is selected, comments will print; if it isn’t, they won’t. Click the command to toggle its setting.

  1. To delete comments in your document, choose Review→Next Comment, found in the Comments section, to move to the first comment.

  2. In the Comments group, click Delete to delete the comment.

  3. Click Next Comment again to go to the next comment.

  4. In the Comments group, click the down arrow next to the Delete button and then click Delete All Comments in Document to remove all remaining comments from the document.


  5. Save the document.