How to Rearrange Topics in Outline View in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

Using Outline view in Word 2007, you can shuffle topics around and reorganize them as your thought process becomes more organized. To move a topic, you can use the Move Up or Move Down buttons, or the mouse.

Move a topic using buttons in Word 2007

  1. Click inside the topic you want to move.

  2. To move the topic up a line, click the Move Up button.


    You can also press Alt+Shift+Up arrow.

  3. To move the topic down a line, click the Move Down button.


    You can also press Alt+Shift+Down arrow.

Move a topic using the mouse in Word 2007

The mouse can also lug topics around. The secret is to drag the topic by its circle. When the mouse is positioned over the circle, the mouse pointer changes to a four-way arrow. You should only use this technique when you’re moving topics around a short distance; dragging with the mouse beyond the current screen can prove unwieldy.