How to Prepare a Printer for Printing in Word 2007 - dummies

How to Prepare a Printer for Printing in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

When you print in Word 2007, you use the computer printer, which means that every part of the equipment must be ready to produce a printed copy before you start the printing process.

  1. Make sure that your printer is plugged in to the wall and properly connected to your computer.

    As simple as it sounds, this step sometimes gets overlooked. Avoid the frustration!

  2. Make sure that your laser printer has enough toner or that your ink printer’s cartridges are brimming with ink.

    Laser printers should have a good toner cartridge installed. If the laser printer’s Toner Low indicator is on, replace the toner immediately.

    Most ink printers let you know when they’re out of ink, or else you notice that the image appears streaked or faded or is missing information. Replace the ink cartridge immediately.

  3. Check the printer for paper.

    The paper can feed from the back or top or enter from a paper tray, or it can be manually fed one sheet at a time. However your printer eats paper, make sure that it’s properly stocked before you print.

  4. Your printer must be online or selected before you can print something.

    Some printers can be turned on but not ready to print. The power is on, but unless the printer is online or selected, it ignores the computer. To force those types of printers to listen to the computer, you must press the printer’s Online or Select (or similar) button.

When you’re certain that the printer is up to the task, you can continue the printing operation in Word 2007.