How to Navigate the Word 2007 Ribbon - dummies

By Doug Lowe

The Ribbon is Microsoft’s new user-interface gadget for Word 2007. The Ribbon replaces the menus and toolbars found in earlier versions of Word.

Across the top of the Ribbon is a series of tabs. You can click one of these tabs to reveal a set of controls specific to that tab. The commands on a tab are organized into groups. Within each group, most of the commands are simple buttons that are similar to toolbar buttons in previous versions of Word.

The Ribbon displays the following seven tabs:


  • Home: Here you can find controls for working with the Clipboard, setting the font, formatting paragraphs, applying styles, and using Find and Replace.


  • Insert: You can insert new pages, tables, pictures, shapes, and other types of illustrations, headers and footers, specially formatted text, and much more!


  • Page Layout: You can apply a theme to your document to set the overall look of the document, or you can control details such as the page margins, background colors, and so on.


  • References: You can create Tables of Contents, footnotes, bibliographies, indexes, and so on.


  • Mailings: You can use these commands for creating mail merges.


  • Review: You can proof and add comments to your documents, as well as track changes.


  • View: You can use this tab to switch to different document views, to show or hide certain types of information (such as paragraph marks), and to zoom in for a closer look at your document.