How to Navigate the Word 2007 Ribbon with Keyboard Shortcuts

By Dan Gookin

You can use keyboard shortcuts in Word 2007 to use the features in the Ribbon interface. Each tab on the Ribbon has its own keyboard shortcut. To see the shortcut, you need to press one of two magical keys: Alt or F10. After you press either key, a tiny bubble appears, telling you which key to press next to choose a tab on the Ribbon.


After you press a tab’s shortcut key, additional shortcut keys appear for each command or group on the tab. Sometimes one character appears as a shortcut, and sometimes two characters appear. Either way, pressing those keys one after the other activates the command or displays further keyboard shortcuts.


For example, to change the page orientation to Landscape mode, you press Alt, P, O to display the Orientation menu and then press the down arrow key to choose Landscape. Press Enter to choose that menu item.

After you press Alt or F10 to activate keyboard control over the Ribbon, your keyboard is used to manipulate the Ribbon, not to write text. Press the Esc key to cancel this mode.