How to Enter Text into a Word 2007 Table - dummies

How to Enter Text into a Word 2007 Table

By Dan Gookin

To populate your Word 2007 table with text, you simply start typing. As you type, all the text fits into a single cell, which grows taller to accommodate long bits of text. To help you enter text and move around in a table, you can use certain keys to perform special functions:

  • Tab: To move to the next cell, press the Tab key. This moves you from cell to cell, from left to right. Pressing Tab in the last column moves you down to the next row. Pressing the Tab key in the table’s last, lower-right cell automatically adds another row to the table.

  • Shift+Tab: To move backward to the previous cell, press Shift+Tab.

  • Arrow keys: The up, down, left, and right keys move you around within the table, as well as within any text in a cell.

  • Enter: The Enter key adds a new paragraph to a cell.

  • Shift+Enter: The Shift+Enter key combination can break up long lines of text in a cell with a soft return.

  • Ctrl+Tab: To use any tabs or indentation within a cell, press Ctrl+Tab rather than Tab.