How to Enable Kerning in Word 2013 Documents - dummies

How to Enable Kerning in Word 2013 Documents

By Lois Lowe

There are many features in Word 2013 which you can utilize to make your documents visually appealing and professional looking. One of those features is called kerning. Kerning is a spacing adjustment made between two letters based on how they are shaped.

Kerning decreases the space between certain pairs of letters based on their shapes. Kerning can make a visual difference when two large letters are adjacent to each other and their shapes happen to fit together, such as a V and an A. Kerning places them closer together than they typically would be, so it doesn’t look like there is too much space between them.

Kerning is typically done only when the text is over a certain point size because at smaller sizes, it’s not noticeable. Now you can look at examples of kerned and unkerned text in Times New Roman at 100 points in size.


  1. In a Word 2013 document, triple-click the heading you have at the top of the page to select it.

    In this example the text Job Posting is used.

  2. On the Home tab, click the dialog box launcher in the Font group.

    The Font dialog box opens.

  3. On the Advanced tab, click the Kerning for Fonts of a certain Points, for this example let’s choose 18, and Above check box but leave the default setting of 18 points as-is. Click OK.


    The selected text is kerned. The difference is subtle, so you might not even notice the change.

  4. Save the document.