How to Drag Text to Another Location in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

When you move a block of text only a short distance, you can use the mouse to drag-move or drag-copy the text. This feature usually works best if you’re moving or copying between two locations that you can see directly on the screen.

  • To move any selected block of text with the mouse, just drag the block: Point the mouse cursor anywhere in the block of text, and then drag the block to its new location. Notice how the mouse pointer changes — that means you’re moving the text.

  • To copy a block of selected text with the mouse, just drag the block — and be sure to press the Ctrl key as you drag. (Yes, this process works just like moving the block.) When you do that, a plus sign appears in the mouse pointer. It’s your sign that the block is being copied and not just moved.

When you drag a block of text with the mouse, you’re not copying it to the Clipboard. You cannot use the Paste (Ctrl+V) command to paste in the block again.