How to Customize the Status Bar in Word 2007 - dummies

How to Customize the Status Bar in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

The Word 2007 status bar is an extremely useful strip of informative tidbits and controls, lurking at the bottom of Word’s screen. You can control the appearance and behavior of the status bar by right clicking it; this produces the helpful Status Bar Configuration menu.

The Status Bar Configuration menu does two things. First, it controls what you see on the status bar, informational tidbits, as well as certain controls. Second, it lets you turn some Word features on or off. Here are some things to remember when using this menu:

  • Choosing an item from the menu doesn’t cause the menu to disappear, which is handy. To make the menu go away, click the mouse elsewhere in Word’s window.

  • The menu’s options are on when a check mark appears next to them.

  • The top eight items on the menu display information about your document. You can also choose to have that information displayed on the status bar by choosing one or more of those options.

  • The options from Caps Lock down through Macro Recording are used to turn those features off or on. (Selection Mode is the F8-key thing.)

  • The last three items on the menu control whether the View or Zoom shortcuts appear on the status bar.