How to Create Bulleted Lists Manually in Word 2007 - dummies

How to Create Bulleted Lists Manually in Word 2007

By Doug Lowe

Word 2007 creates bulleted lists automatically by default: If you begin a paragraph with * or > or -> or <> or – followed by a space, Word changes what you typed to a bullet and a tab. If you already have some text you want to turn into a bulleted list, however, follow these steps:

Selecting text in Word.

1Select the paragraph(s) you want to change to bulleted list items.

Here’s a sure-fire candidate for a bulleted list.

A bullet list in Word.

2Click the Bullet button in the Paragraph tab of the Ribbon.

When you click the Bullet button, it puts a bullet next to your text and lights up. Here’s what the new bulleted list looks like.

To add more items to the new bulleted list, position the insertion point at the end of one of the bulleted paragraphs and press Enter.

Don’t leave one bullet standing by itself; you need more than one item to make a list.

3To add more bullets based on existing text, select the text you want and then click the Bullet button.

Keep it short; a list of more than six bullets in a row pushes the reader’s patience.

4To remove a bullet from a list item while keeping it aligned with the list, place the cursor at the start of the paragraph and press Backspace once.

The aligned text keeps the bulleted list easy to read. To restore the bullet, click the Bullet button.