How to Create a New Word 2013 Document with a Template - dummies

How to Create a New Word 2013 Document with a Template

By Lois Lowe

You can easily create a new Word 2013 document based on a template. This new document has all the characteristics of the template, including margins, paper size, default fonts, and any sample content that the template contains.

  1. In Word, choose File→New.

    Thumbnails of templates for creating new documents appear.


  2. In the Search for Online Templates box, type Brochures and press Enter.

    Word uses your Internet connection to retrieve a list of available brochure templates.

  3. Scroll down and click the Brochure for Small Business template.

    A preview of it appears.


  4. Click the Create button.

    The template is downloaded, and a new document appears based on it.


    This template’s layout is atypical because it uses tables to hold the text; in most Word documents, you type directly onto the page.

  5. Examine the document to see what types of content the template provides, choose File→Close to close the document, and if prompted to save your changes, click Don’t Save.

  6. Choose File→New.

    The icons reappear for new document types.

  7. In the Search for Online Templates box, type Urban Report and press Enter.

    A list of the templates matching that name appears.

  8. Click Report (Urban theme).

    A sample of the template appears.


  9. Click the Create button.

    A new document opens based on the selected template.

  10. Scroll through the new document and notice the placeholders ready for you to fill in to create your own version of the report.

  11. Save the document.

    If you see a message about upgrading the document to the newest file format, click OK.