How to Create a Custom Word 2007 Dictionary - dummies

How to Create a Custom Word 2007 Dictionary

By Dan Gookin

Customize the built-in Word 2007 dictionary for special writing and editing needs. You can train the spelling and grammar checker features to recognize jargon and technical terms as well as unusual spellings. The easiest way to add dictionary items to is by running a spell check. For more advanced options, use the Custom Dictionaries dialog box.

Adding words to the dictionary from spell check

Building up your Word-based dictionary is as basic as ABC.

  1. Click any word marked with a wavy, red underline.


    A contextual menu and the Mini Toolbar pop up.

  2. On the contextual menu, click Add to Dictionary.


    The word is added to the dictionary.

Manually adding words to the dictionary

You can add to or subtract from your Word 2007 dictionary by following these steps.

  1. Click the Office button, click the Word Options button, and then click the Proofing button.


    The dictionary is a proofing tool.

  2. In the When Correcting Spelling in Microsoft Office Programs section, mark the Suggest from Main Dictionary Only check box. Click the Custom Dictionaries button.


    Add a word to (or delete a word from) the dictionary.

  3. From the Custom Dictionaries dialog box that opens, choose the dictionary you wish to edit. Then click the Edit Word List button.


    Do not clear the check box next to this dictionary’s name.

  4. In the CUSTOM.DIC dialog box that opens, make the following choice(s).

    • Add a word. Type the word in the Word(s) field and then click the Add button.

    • Delete a word. Select the word from the Dictionary list and then click the Delete button.

    • Edit a word. Delete the word and then add it back with the correct spelling.

    • Remove all words. Click the Delete All button.