How to Build a Two-Column Right-Stop List in Word 2010 - dummies

How to Build a Two-Column Right-Stop List in Word 2010

By Dan Gookin

A Word 2010 right tab may seem useless until you’ve seen one in action. If you want to create a two-column right-stop list in Word, you need to use the right tab. You commonly find these kinds of lists in dramatic programs, but they work just as well for a variety of purposes:

1Start out with a blank line of text.

You can open a new document or just press the Enter key to go to the next line in the current document.

Close-up of the ruler in Word 2010.

2If the Ruler isn't displayed, click the View Ruler button.

This button appears on top of the vertical scroll bar.

Click the tab icon to make the right tab appear.

3Click the Tab gizmo on the Ruler until it shows the Right Tab option.

If the Tab gizmo already displays the Right Tab option, just skip to Step 4.

4Click the mouse at the 4-inch position on the Ruler.

The position is just a guess at this point. Later, you can adjust the right tab stop setting to a more visually appealing one.

5Type the left column text.

The text is left-justified, like normal.

6Press the Tab key.

The insertion pointer hops to the right tab stop.

7Type the right column text.

The text you type is right-justified, pushing to the left while you type.

A two-column list in Word.

8Press Enter to end the line of text.

Repeat Steps 5 through 8 for each line in the list.

9After you enter all the text, mark the text as a block, and then use the mouse to drag the right tab stop.

Drag back and forth until you find a location that looks visually appealing.