How to AutoSummarize a Word 2003 Document - dummies

How to AutoSummarize a Word 2003 Document

By Dan Gookin

Part of Word 2003 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The AutoSummarize tool in Word 2003 automatically summarizes a document by fishing out all the key points. AutoSummarize then highlights the critical information on the screen, creates a summary to appear at the top of the document, or creates it as a new document. So if you don’t have time to read a huge report, you can automatically summarize it without breaking a sweat.

To summarize your Word 2003 document, open your document and then follow these steps:

  1. Choose Tools→AutoSummarize.

    The AutoSummarize dialog box appears.

  2. Decide on the type of summary you need.

    Choose from the following options:

    • Highlight Key Points

    • Create A New Document And Put The Summary There

    • Insert An Executive Summary Or Abstract At The Top Of The Document

    • Hide Everything But The Summary Without Leaving The Original Document

  3. Choose the length of the summary.

    You can choose from a selection based on the number of sentences, the number of words, or a percentage of the document.

    Also visible is the AutoSummarize floating toolbar, which automatically appears.

  4. Check or uncheck the box named Update Document Statistics.

    Checking the box enables AutoSummarize to update comments, keywords, and key phrases on the Summary tab (go to File→Properties→Statistics). Don’t want anything to change? Then leave the box unchecked.

  5. Click OK.

    Wait a few minutes (longer if the computer is unplugged) for the summary to appear the way you selected in Step 2. Need to stop the summary process? Just press the Esc key.

  6. Review your summary, and edit as needed.

  7. To return to normal editing mode, click Close on the AutoSummarize palette.