How to Adjust the Zoom in Word 2007 - dummies

How to Adjust the Zoom in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

Like the zoom lens on a camera, the Zoom controls in Word 2007 are used to make your documents appear larger or smaller. So, if you have a difficult time seeing your document, you can zoom in. Or, to help get the big picture, you can zoom out.

Using the status bar Zoom control in Word 2007

The main Zoom control is found on the status bar. The percentage value is the approximate ratio between the size of your document on the computer’s monitor versus how big it will be when printed.


  • To make the document appear larger, on the status bar slide the gizmo to the right (toward the plus sign).

  • To make the document appear smaller, slide the gizmo to the left (toward the minus sign).

Using the Zoom dialog box in Word 2007

You can use the custom controls in the Zoom dialog box to set document magnification. Simply click the Zoom button to display this dialog box.


The Zoom To section lets you choose specific percentages, as well as options for viewing by page width and text width. You can also see more than two pages at a time by using the Many Pages option.


Using the View tab Zoom controls in Word 2007

The View tab contains controls that let you change magnification with the click of a button. The One Page command zooms out so that you can see the entire page on the screen. The text is very tiny, but — amazingly — you can still edit it.

The Two Pages command zooms out and shows two pages on the screen at one time.


The Page Width command sets the zoom level so that you see your entire document from its left to right margins.