How to Adjust Paragraph Margins in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

You can change the left and right margins around paragraphs in your Word 2007 documents. The secret is found in the Page Layout tab’s Paragraph group: the Left control sets the indentation for the paragraph’s left edge, and the Right control sets the indentation for the paragraph’s right edge.

The following example double-indents a paragraph as a block quote, by moving the left and right margins in by 8/10 inch.

1Select the text you want to change.

Put the insertion pointer in the paragraph or just select multiple paragraphs as a block.

2Click the Page Layout tab.

Train your eyes to about the middle of the Word Ribbon.

Adding a left indentation to a Word document.

3Enter an amount for the left indent.

In the Paragraph group, type .8 in the Left box or use the spinner gizmo to enter .8. (The spinner increments or decrements in 1/10-inch values.) Setting positive values moves the edges inward. Setting negative values moves the edges outward. When the values are set to zero, the paragraph’s margins match the page’s margins.

4Enter an amount for the right indent.

Enter .8 in the Right box.