How to Adjust Line Spacing within a Paragraph in Word 2007

By Dan Gookin

Word 2007 enables you to change the line spacing within your paragraphs using the Line Spacing command. Changing the line spacing inserts extra space between all lines of text in a paragraph.

Word adds the space, or extra blank lines, below each line of text in the paragraph. That means that line spacing also affects the space between paragraphs.

  1. Select the paragraph (or paragraphs) whose line spacing you want to change.

  2. Click the Line Spacing command button.


    A menu appears, listing common line-spacing commands.

  3. Choose a new line-spacing value.


    This changes the line spacing for the current paragraph or all the paragraphs selected as a block.

Before Word 2007, line spacing was preset to 1.0. Now, the setting is 1.15, which is supposedly more readable and also a blessing to term-paper writers all over. Double spacing, or the line spacing value 2.0, means that one line of text appears with one blank line below it.

Triple spacing, 3.0, means that one line of text appears with two blank lines below. Some fussy editors want everything triple-spaced so that they can scribble comments between the lines.

As with justification, there’s no such thing as no line spacing. If you want to “remove” fancy line spacing, select the text and press Ctrl+1 for single spacing.