How to Adjust Column and Row Size in a Word 2007 Table - dummies

How to Adjust Column and Row Size in a Word 2007 Table

By Dan Gookin

You can adjust the column and row sizes in your Word 2007 tables. The Columns dialog box lets you adjust column width and the space between columns. The Distribute commands ensure that your tables have consistent column and row sizes.

Adjust columns using the Columns dialog box in Word 2007

There isn’t much to formatting columns, other than setting their width and the space between them. This is done in the Columns dialog box.

  • You can make specific column adjustments in the Width and Spacing area of the dialog box.


  • If you want an attractive line between the columns of text, put a check in the Line Between box. (Note: There’s no attractiveness guarantee for the line.)

  • Use the Preview window to get an idea of what you’re doing.

  • The space between columns is the gutter. Word sets the width of the gutter at 0.5″ — half an inch. This amount of white space is pleasing to the eye without being too much of a good thing.

Adjust columns and rows using the Distribute commands in Word 2007

Two command buttons in the Cell Size group in the Layout tab of the Ribbon let you fine-tune the table’s column width or row height. The Distribute Columns and Distribute Rows command buttons help clean up uneven column or row spacing in a table. You can find these buttons on the right side of the Cell Size group in the Layout tab. With the insertion pointer anywhere in the table, click either or both buttons to even out spacing.