How to Add Topics to your Word 2007 Outline View - dummies

How to Add Topics to your Word 2007 Outline View

By Dan Gookin

You can use Outline view in Word 2007 to add topics to your document. The topics are your main ideas. You can also split one topic into two, or join two topics together.

Typing a list in a Word document.

1Type the first topic in your list.

2Press Enter after typing the topic.

This produces a new gray circle, after which you can type your next topic. This is basically using Outline mode as a list processor.

It doesn’t matter whether you get the order right at first, because you can rearrange your topics as your ideas solidify.

An outline list in Word.

3Continue adding topics to your list

4Press Enter at the end of each topic.

This creates another topic at the same level as the first topic. Keep your main topics short and descriptive, like in a book’s table of contents.

5(Optional) Split a topic

Use the Enter key to split a topic. For example, to split the topic Pins and Needles, you would first delete the word and, and then, with the insertion pointer placed between the two words, press Enter.

6(Optional) Join two topics

To join two topics, put the insertion pointer at the end of the first topic and press Delete. (This method works just like joining two paragraphs in a regular document.)