Word Art, Smart Art, and Charts in Outlook 2007 - dummies

Word Art, Smart Art, and Charts in Outlook 2007

By Bill Dyszel

If you get lots of e-mail, you know how they all start looking the same after a while. Make the ones you send memorable by dressing them up a bit with Outlook’s Word Art, Smart Art, and Charts features. Just be aware that your e-mail recipients may not be able to view your artistry if they don’t have a compatible e-mail browser.

Adding Word Art

Now you can spiff up your e-mail messages with all kinds of colorful graphics and individual designs. You may have already seen the Word Art tool, a feature that’s been available in Microsoft Word for years. Now the tool is built right into Outlook.

Follow these steps to add Word Art:

1. Create a new e-mail.

2. Click the Insert tab.

3. Click the Word Art button.

4. Click one of the examples in the gallery of available text styles.

5. Type some text.

6. Click OK.

Try to use Word Art sparingly, at least in business situations, lest your business colleagues begin to see you as slightly insane.

Wising up with Smart Art

Smart Art, another intriguing feature on Outlook’s Insert Ribbon, helps you create colorful, annotated designs to add to your e-mail. To get a better picture of what Smart Art can do, click the Insert tab, click the Smart Art button, and try a few designs on for size.

Adding impact with charts

Just a few doors down from the Word Art button on the Insert Ribbon is the Chart tool, which can make the thoughts you express in your e-mail look positively orderly (no matter how disordered you mind may be).

Chart it up with these steps:

1. Click the Chart tool.

You see a two-part gallery: a list of general chart types on the left and specific examples of each type on the right.

2. Choose a general type from the list on the left.

3. Choose a specific type from the list on the right.

4. Click OK.

A grid opens, allowing you to enter numbers.

The mechanics of creating an Outlook chart are similar to those for creating an Excel chart.