Sending Outlook E-Mail from an Office Live Account - dummies

Sending Outlook E-Mail from an Office Live Account

By Karen S. Fredricks

After you connect Outlook to Office Live, your Office Live e-mail contacts now synchronize to Outlook, and you can address an e-mail to any one of those contacts with a click of a button. In addition, you can easily send e-mail messages in Outlook using any of your Office Live e-mail accounts.

Here’s all you have to do:

1. In Outlook, select any one of your Inbox folders and then click the New button.

You don’t need to select any specific Inbox folder — you just want to have the New E-Mail Message page appears.

2. Click the Account button and select the e-mail account that you want to send the e-mail.

You can use your default Outlook e-mail account — or choose one of your Office Live e-mail accounts.

3. Click the To button.

The Select Names: Contacts page appears.

4. Click the Address Book drop-down list and choose the name of the Office Live account that contains the contact you want to e-mail.

You can select more than one contact if you want to send mail to more than one recipient.

5. Click OK to return to the New E-Mail Message page.

6. Click the Send button.

Zoom! Your e-mail hurtles through cyberspace to its intended destination. Your recipient can recognize that the e-mail is from you because it carries the name you selected when you set up your Office Live account in Outlook.