How to Read and Reply to E-Mails in Outlook - dummies

How to Read and Reply to E-Mails in Outlook

By Faithe Wempen

Outlook 2013 is a popular e-mail program. Millions of people use Outlook as their primary e-mail program, and for good reason! It’s fast, full-featured, and easy to use and customize.

Read an e-mail message

You can read messages in the Reading pane, or you can open each message in its own separate window. In this exercise, you learn how to read an e-mail message.

  1. Click the View tab, click the Reading Pane button, and choose Right to turn on the Reading pane at the right if it isn’t already there.

  2. Click the Reading Pane button again and choose Bottom to move the Reading pane below the Inbox.

  3. Click the Reminder message in the Inbox pane.

    This is the message you sent to yourself in the preceding section.

    The message appears in the Reading pane, as shown.


  4. Double-click the message in the Inbox pane to display the message in a separate window, as shown in this figure.

    Click the Close (X) button in the message window to close it.


Reply to a message in Outlook

Replying to a message is quick and easy because you don’t have to look up the recipient’s e-mail address. It’s already filled in for you. In the following exercise, you reply to an e-mail message.

  1. In the Inbox pane, click the Reminder e-mail message.

  2. On the Home tab, click the Reply button.

    If multiple people had received the e-mail and you wanted to reply to them all, you could click the Reply All button in Step 2. In this exercise, you were the only recipient, so it’s a moot point.

    In place of the Reading pane, a reply pane appears with the original message quoted in the body area, your e-mail address filled in on the From text box, and the original sender (also you) filled in on the To line. In the Subject text box, the original subject appears with RE: in front of it.

  3. At the top of the message body area, type your reply: Thank you, I will.

    See this figure.


  4. Click the Send button.

    The reply is sent.