How to Navigate in the Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager Home Window

By Karen S. Fredricks, Lon Orenstein

Part of Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using the Business Contact Manager (BCM) Home window in Outlook 2007 is a convenient way to get to most of BCM’s functions without going through the menu system or remembering keystrokes. The tabs at the top of the window give you access to the most common functions:

  • Home: This is where it all happens. Clicking the buttons in the middle of the screen takes you to the different parts of BCM: Accounts, Business Contacts, Opportunities, Business Projects, Project Tasks, and Marketing Campaigns.

  • Sales: This is the place to be, if you’re a salesperson, to create new Accounts, Contacts, or Opportunities. You can customize the Account Recent History section at the bottom to see what’s important to you at a glance.

  • Marketing: This is a good place to review marketing campaigns you’re working on, with a customizable section at the bottom for a quick glance at what’s happening.

  • Projects: If you do a lot of project work, you might want to spend lots of time on this tab. Customize the bottom section to reflect which Business Projects are in what status — then open them to update their progress.

The following figure show what all this looks like: