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How to Configure Outlook’s Junk Mail filter

By Faithe Wempen

You can adjust the sensitivity of Outlook’s Junk Mail filter in the Outlook options. If you set it to be very aggressive, fewer junk messages will get through, but it might sometimes mark legitimate messages as junk. If you set it to be less aggressive, you’ll get more junk in your Inbox.

Outlook comes with a Junk Mail filter that removes some of the more obvious junk messages from your Inbox before they have a chance to annoy you. The Junk Mail filter relies on internal rules that Outlook receives from Microsoft. Occasionally Microsoft sends out updates for it, which you receive as Windows Updates. The Junk Mail filter is far from perfect, but it does catch some items.

So, here’s how you configure the Junk Mail filter in Outlook.

  1. Click the Home tab, click the Junk button, and choose Junk E-Mail Options.

    The Junk E-Mail Options dialog box appears.

  2. On the Options tab, click the option button that best represents the level of filtering you want. See the figure.

  • No Automatic Filtering: Turns off the filter.

  • Low: Moves most obvious junk e-mail.

  • High: Catches almost all junk e-mail but also may catch some regular mail.

  • Safe Lists Only: Allows only e-mail on your Safe Senders List. (If you choose this option, you must then configure the lists on the Safe Senders and Safe Recipients tabs.)


  1. Click OK to accept the new setting.

  2. Exit Outlook.