How to Compose a New Message in Outlook 2013 - dummies

How to Compose a New Message in Outlook 2013

By Faithe Wempen

You can use Outlook 2013 to send a new e-mail message to anyone for whom you have an e-mail address. Just fill in the recipient, subject, and message and then send it off.

In the following exercise, you send yourself an e-mail message. By doing so, you’ll then have a received message later so you can practice reading and replying to it.

  1. With the Inbox displayed onscreen, click the Home tab and then click the New E-Mail button.

    A new Untitled – Message window appears, as shown.


  2. In the To text box, type your own e-mail address.

    If you want to send mail to multiple recipients, separate their e-mail addresses with commas in the To box. You can use the Cc box for additional recipients who should get a courtesy copy. (Both To and Cc recipients get identical messages.)

    You can choose a recipient from Outlook’s Address Book by clicking the To button. I don’t cover that skill in this lesson, but you can experiment with it on your own.

  3. In the Subject text box, type Reminder.

    Including an appropriate subject line is important to alert the recipient about the topic you’re writing about.

  4. In the body area, type the following:

    Make sure you remember to order the tickets to the graduation ceremony tonight.

    If you want to, you can format the body text in your message. Use the formatting buttons in the message composition window, such as Bold, Italic, Font, Font Size, and so on, just as you do in Word and other Office applications.

  5. Check the message to make sure it looks like this figure (except with your own e-mail address in the To box rather than the dummy one shown in the figure).


  6. Click the Send button.

    The message is sent. Depending on your Outlook settings, it may go out immediately, or it may wait until the next scheduled send/receive operation.

  7. To make sure that the message goes out, click the Send/Receive tab and then click the Send/Receive All Folders button.

    The message should appear in your Inbox as a new message. If the message doesn’t appear, repeat the Send/Receive operation after a few minutes.